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Unique experiences to drive engagement

Users are looking to consume engaging content.We empowers our teams to create the most relevant content.

We have one goal in mind, the user satisfaction.

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At GstarCAD Computer Software Store, we offer a wide range of software products that cater to your needs. Our products are designed to make your life easier and more enjoyable. Whether you need software for work or play, we have you covered.

Our focus is on providing the best software solutions to our customers. We listen to your needs and deliver the products you want.

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Meet Tony Fred, our CEO

Founder and visionary Tony Fred is dedicated to driving the company's success through innovation and customer satisfaction.

Meet Mich Stark, our COO

Mich Stark, our COO, brings years of experience in the software industry to help drive the company forward.

Meet Aline Turner, our CTO

Aline Turner, our CTO, leads a team of 100+ developers and supports a community of thousands.

Meet Iris Joe, our CFO

Iris Joe, our CFO, is dedicated to driving the company's financial success through strategic planning and analysis.